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How To Using Whatsapp For Business

Whatsapp Business is one of the best tools for people use for online massaging. WhatsApp For Business is an Android app which is free to download and was built with the small business owner in mind. With that app, you can interact with your customer easily. There is much more new future which can help the owner.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Business?

  • Use the separate messaging app Whatsapp for Business.
  • Reach sore audience through the app.
  • Easy to use auto replay future respond to more customers.
  • Organize your business contact.
  • Promote your product direct to your customer.
  • surprise your customer with the business profile.

In this Article, we gonna show you what is that and how you can use that for business?

Follow Step to Register

  1. Download Whatsapp Business from Playstore or Click Here
  2. Open App and register with your mobile no. (*which is not registered with WhatsApp before.)
  3. Verify your mobile with SMS verification.
  4. Here we create our new WhatsApp business account.

The Whatsapp for Business same setting as normal Whatsapp. Whatsapp web, Broadcast, Status, etc are there. But in the setting you will find a Business setting where you find the following feature:

1. Business Profile :

Here you can set your business logo, Your Office Address, With Map, category, Time, email and website. Look picture where I fill my business profile.

(Tap) Menu button (3 vertical dots in the top right-hand corner) > Settings > Business Settings > Profile

2. Statistics

Statistics show your Send, Received, Delivered and Read Massage.

Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Statistics

3. Away Message

You Got Many massages in the day, sometimes there is a rare possibility to replay when you attend some meeting seminar exedra. In Whatsapp business there is a good option is the away message. Which can help to work like auto replay text message and it does not work with the group. But only replay when your internet is working.

Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Away Message

4. Greeting Massage

This feature especially useful for who connect with you for the first time. It is also auto replay function with that number which we can change.

Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Greeting Message

5. Quick Replies

This is one of my favorite feature where I can save the quick replay. See the picture where you can easily understand.

Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Quick Replies

6. Labels

I receive a lot of messages on Whatsapp every day from new clients, and after someday, I forgot client’s identity or when I take to follow up with my old clients it will help me to barricade my client. See Picture to Understand Better.

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